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  • Maison Loetz

    The Loetz glass factory was established in Austria in 1836. It is reknown for its numerous iridescent Art Nouveau creations.

  • Manufacture Zsolnay

    Zsolnay is a Hungarian manufacturer established in 1853 that is known for its introduction of the eosin glazing process and pyrogranite ceramic.

  • Mathieu de Prémont

    Matthieu de Prémont is a French creator who produces functional, esthetic and luxurious consumer goods in limited editions.

  • Medicom Toy

    MEDICOM TOY was founded 1996 in Japan and produces vinyl toys for grown ups. The most popular series is the Be@rbrick series, drawing inspiration from art, movies and music. The collections are limited and highly acclaimed worldwide. 

  • Muller Frères

    Les frères Muller, fondateurs de la verrerie Muller Frères, sont des verriers d'art français de l'époque Art nouveau. La famille comprend neuf membres de talent, dont Eugène Muller (1883-1917), Désiré Muller (1877-1952) et Henri Muller.

  • Murano

    The glass of Murano is renowned all over the world for its tint and its particular elaboration, it makes the fame of the glass factories of Venice.

  • Nicolas Tikhomiroff

    Nicolas Tikhomiroff is a French artist of Russian origin that has worked as a war photographer in Africa, in the Middle East and in Indochina. He will also work for the film industry and the artists. He is a photographer who favored the immediate grip taking rather than an esthetic search.

  • Paul Dupré-Lafon

    Paul Dupré-Lafon is an architect and a decorator who becomes famous in its early stages mainly in realizations of Art deco style while he will later show a rational and functionalist modernism.

  • Robj

    En 1908, Jean Born fonde la maison Robj, qui produit des objets en céramique : brûle-parfums, allumeurs électriques, bibelots divers et variés… Mais c'est en 1922, à la mort de Jean Born que la maison prend son essor. Désormais gérée par Lucien Willemetz, Robj affirme son identité, pleine d’humour et influencée par l’esthétique cubiste.

Showing 37 - 48 of 52 items